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First, Avionos polled B2B buyers and found that most (84%) have not completed a B2B purchase because of incomplete or not well developed product content. About one-third (35%) note they “experience pain points” when conducting online research for products. And, if the product information isn’t up to par, most (88%) say they’ll go to competitor websites.

The good news? More B2B buyers are buying more products online, making the digital space a key growth space for B2B brands. Avionos researchers found that most (77%) of B2B buyers are making more of their purchases online, and about one-third (33%) are starting their purchase research on Amazon or Google.

More details from the Avionos in its 2019 B2B Buyer Report can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, new data out from Demandbase, in collaboration with Salesforce Pardot and Demand Metric, indicates AI may be a solution for B2B brands. Their new poll indicates that most B2B brands are upping their investment into artificial intelligence; about 85% believe AI will lead to substantial revenue growth by 2021. The problem? Fewer than 20% of B2B brands are currently using AI to improve their digital experience.

“AI is transforming the B2B marketing and sales industries, providing greater insights, personalized campaigns, dynamic experiences and an overall more seamless experience between marketing and sales,” said Nate Skinner, VP of product marketing, Salesforce Pardot. “We’re excited to see the data suggest that the martech, sales tech and ad tech markets are primed to utilize AI to its full potential.”

Additional findings from the Demandbase poll include these:

â–ª 38% of B2B marketing teams employ 1-3 data scientists but 31% don’t have any
â–ª 55% note AI costs/budget constraints are the reason they haven’t implemented AI already, 52% note their team doesn’t have the skillset for AI
â–ª Once AI is implemented, though, 64% say their top priority will be finding the right targeting, 54% will use AI to improve their reach

“We’re still in the early days of AI for B2B marketing and sales, and there is a great deal of education that is needed to close the gap between implementation and expectations,” said Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase. “It’s exciting to see the optimism that exists in the B2B marketing community. As early adopters continue to have success, AI adoption will continue to accelerate, and AI solutions will become table stakes for all marketing and sales teams.”

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