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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : March 11, 2019

Merchants: How to get more from your mobile experience

As mobile commerce grows into an entity separate from traditional ecommerce, the experience of consumers has begun to separate those merchants performing well and those who are losing ground. Here's how retailers and brands can improve their mobile experience.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Why is it important for companies to understand what consumers want out of the mobile shopping experience?

Nancy Hua, CTO & Co-Founder, Apptimize: Mobile is the fastest growing segment of the retail market because consumers are moving to mobile en masse. Brands need to be where the customers are. 

Kristina: What investments do retailers need to make now to support the future growth of mobile shopping?

Nancy: Engineering talent is always in short supply and very much needed, but we actually see a real correlation between strong product management talent and great mobile apps. Retailers need a strong vision holder and executer for what the mobile app should do. Product managers are like the CEO of the mobile app. You need really strong talent there.

Kristina: What brands have already been executing well on the mobile shopping experience?

Nancy: The best performers in mobile within the retail industry are the ones that you would expect. Disruptors like Warby Parker were built on nailing web and mobile. Then you have the fast food and food delivery industry that shifted to mobile much before other types of retail did. Companies like Starbucks and Dominoes have an amazing mobile strategy that kind of count as retail. Within traditional brick-and-mortar retail, we see a lot of companies really starting to understand mobile. Companies like JCPenney that you typically think of as a larger, traditional enterprise actually have an amazing app. In their last earnings announcement, they reported more losses, but mobile is one of their top three initiatives right now and that's really what those types of stores need to do in order to compete. 

Kristina: How can companies optimize the experience across mobile, online and in-store shopping experiences?

Nancy: It's all about connecting data across the channels. Right now, most brands operate their web, mobile, and in-store teams very independently of each other. Really, these teams need to talk to each other and try to connect the dots wherever possible. Making a change in the mobile experience can have a huge impact on the in-store or web experience, so brands need to start measuring and tracking cross-channel effects.

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