YouTube shows 11% YoY ad increase

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Of course, not all is rosy at the video hub. MediaRadar notes that auto manufacturers have dropped signifiant portions of their video spend; they note that auto advertising within the hub dropped almost 60% for the year.

“We have seen a significant decrease in automotive advertising on YouTube this year. The automotive advertisers category dropped from being YouTube’s third largest spender in 2017 to taking eighth place in 2018. In the slowing market, we see the auto industry shifting gears when it comes to advertising on Youtube, specifically, although not in all digital media,” said Todd Krizelman, CEO & Co-Founder of MediaRadar.

Where auto brands may have fallen off, though, others have picked up. According to MediaRadar’s analysis of YouTube’s 2018 performance video brands Hulu and Twenty First Century Fox advertised the most within YouTube’s hub while brands Geico, Samsung, and Disney accounted for about 15% of YouTube’s revenue for the year.

What has YouTube’s secret been? According to Krizelman, it’s their transparency in the face of adversity and scandal that has kept advertisers staying on the platform and brought new advertisers to YouTube.

“It has been transparent, mostly, about its mistakes and has delivered remedies to buyers. This is not something every major media firm does. YouTube’s approach has largely been rewarded. Few advertisers have stopped buying on the platform and ad revenue is up,” said Krizelman.



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