Study finds direct mail influencing purchase decisions

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Researchers found that, especially for large scale purchases like cars and financial planning, more than 90% of final purchase decisions are made at home. They also found that 89% of purchase decisions are planned out and discussed before being finalized, with spouses/spousal opinions being the biggest purchase influencer (73%).

“Today’s research demonstrates the importance of direct mail in a shopper’s path to purchase, with nearly 90% of buying decisions made at home,” said Lewis Gersh, CEO, PebblePost. “The central role of the home, coupled with 90% of intent data available online and 90% of purchases occurring offline, means that marketers must align digital and traditional marketing strategies — including direct mail — to maximize ROI and drive conversions across every purchase channel.”

But, before getting to the spousal discussion part, something has to ping that purchase impulse. According to researchers with the Home is at the Heart of Commerce Marketing report 76% of shoppers discuss brand/retailer mailings with their partners.

“We’re always looking for new touchpoints along the path to purchase, and we believe — as this study reinforces — that consumers are having meaningful conversations about their purchases at home,” said Scott Paladini, Founder, Bear Mattress. “As a result of our digital and direct mail campaigns, we’ve been able to decrease our CPA and add new customers to the brand.”

Researchers further found that 61% of consumers agree that direct mail has influenced their purchasing decisions and that, after making a purchase based on a direct mailing, 75% talked about the purchase and about one-quarter (22%) followed that brand on social media.

More data from the PebblePost report can be accessed here.



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