Mobile increasingly important for retail

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Adobe has released their 2018 holiday shopping wrap, and in addition to the $2.1 billion average they found, researchers note that there were more than 20 $2 billion+ shopping days, and that mobile was a bigger than expected factor in how people completed their purchases. About half of all traffic came from mobile devices and nearly one-third (31%) of revenue. Of those purchasing via mobile, half used in-store pickup.

More Adobe data can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, App Annie has released their State of Mobile report which finds that consumers have again increased the time they spend on mobile devices. In 2018, global consumers averaged 3 hours per day on mobile devices. They also downloaded more than 194 billion apps and spent about $101 billion in app stores.

“When it comes to mobile, the future is truly now. There is no longer any industry or company that can afford to ignore mobile. In 2019, it is the vital thread that runs through the entire business world,” writes Lexi Sydow, via the App Annie blog. “For businesses, this is invaluable: how else could they live in their customers’ pockets, no matter a consumer’s demographic group, geographic region or socioeconomic status? Businesses on mobile are always within an arm’s reach, 24 hours a day. Consumers are also engaging with their phones more than ever before: in Indonesia, an emerging market, smartphone users spent 17% of their time in apps, or roughly 4 hours per day. In mature markets like the U.S. and Canada, the average was 3 hours per day.”

Other interesting findings from App Annie include:

â–ª Mobile accounted for 62% of the global ad spend in 2018
â–ª Gen Z (those aged 16-24) spend about 20% more time in-app than other demographics
â–ª Mobile gaming grew faster than console gaming in 2018 and is expected to reach a 60% market share for revenue in 2019

Researchers further believe that in 2019 about 10 minutes of every hour will be spend with mobile video.

The full App Annie 2019 State of Mobile report can be accessed here.



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