2 trends to adopt in social

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Most experts agree that social media will continue to have a big impact on marketing through 2019, but to get the most out of social marketing, businesses and merchants may need to adjust their strategy from what worked up until 2018 to what is working now. Two of those changes may involve data and offline events.

“Leading into 2019, we’re seeing the best marketers refocus on strategy rather than individual tactics. For example, think about how some brands approach social media. The need to be timely and clever can create the perfect storm for a social post that checks a box without actually connecting back to business goals. In 2019, marketers are going to start with a strong, data-driven strategy and let that guide tactics,” said Giuseppe Caltabiano, Head of Content Strategy, EMEA and APAC, Contently.

In addition to data, brands may want to consider taking part of their social strategy offline.

”During 2018, brands have heavily embraced the strategy of creating social media content out of offline Instagram worthy events as part of their social media and PR strategies. We will continue to see this trend grow in 2019, with more brands taking influencers on “Instagrammable trips” and sharing their offline experiences in social media. At the core of this trend is the intent to show genuine moments with already highly engaged communities,” said Maria A. di Fonzo, Director, Social Media Programs, Music Audience Exchange (MAX).

For 2019’s social strategy: improve brands’ understanding of data and don’t be afraid to take social offline.



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