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BizReport : Email Marketing : December 28, 2018

Top 4 email trends for 2019

Email continues to be an integral part of marketers' strategy, and keying in on new email trends is key to engagement. Here are four email trends to watch in 2019.

by Kristina Knight

GDPR: One Year Later

"Email is so entrenched in the way we communicate, do business and shop online that governments have entered the fray and enacted laws governing how we opt people into receiving emails and how companies must treat and protect customer data. May 25, 2019 will mark 1 year since GDPR came into force in the EU," said Len Shneyder, Head of Industry Relations, SendGrid. "This privacy law sets concrete standards on how EU citizen data has to be treated in addition to strict guidelines on consent. Successful senders will have taken stock of this law and enacted internal processes to ensure compliance with European law. Since the laws are so strict it's safe to say that complying with EU law means that they'll be compliant with laws around the planet including CAN-SPAM, CASL and other privacy regimes. Senders and regulators alike are watching as complaints are filed under GDPR--the decisions issued by the Supervisory Authorities in each country will clarify and further refine the laws making implementation, if not easier, at the very least clearer."

Data, with Consent, Will Lead to Richer Customer Experiences

"If GDPR informs senders on how to treat customer data, then data is in and of itself the crux of successful email marketing. Obtaining more data through consent and careful instrumentation of websites, emails and purchasing behaviors will yield ever richer customer experiences. The scrutiny on the security of data is matched by the excitement of how data can illuminate moments in the customer lifecycle to engage and convert. Senders are working to actively obtain more customer data from more and more sources," said Shneyder. "Connecting the treasure trove of data scattered throughout systems ranging from web analytics to CRM to social to point of sale need easy end points for integration. APIs, standard parlance in the cloud and dev world are enabling more systems to be integrated faster thus turning data into insight and finally, into action. However, data comes with the burden of protecting it and ensuring it isn't abused."

Wider Adoption of SPF, DKIM, DMARC Leads to A Harmonious Email Ecosystem

"Successful senders in 2019 will ensure that they protect data and by doing so defend their brand. Through the use of proper email authentication policies (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) companies can ensure their brands are not spoofed, their recipients aren't phished thereby creating a more harmonious email ecosystem. The exploitation of email has been all over the media--massive data breaches start with the compromise of passwords and other sensitive information by spear phishing executives--senders must keep the security of their email programs at the forefront to ensure that the channel's openness and freedom doesn't' become its Achilles' Heel," said Shneyder.

Interactive Inbox: The Next Email Frontier

"Today's inbox isn't the same as 10 years ago. Mailbox providers such as Gmail are bringing the inbox to life with interactive elements such as Gmail AMP," said Shneyder. "Create designers are building micro apps into the inbox to decrease the barriers to conversion through clever uses of HTML5 and CSS3. Since email has the greatest 'readership' and highest conversion rate of any digital channel, it's high time that both the sending community and receiving community invest in the further development of the technologies used to send graphically engaging and functionally efficient communications resulting in more satisfied and engaged customers."

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