Study: B2B buyers want video

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That is one key takeaway from new Showpad data which found that video is increasingly important because of an extended buying cycle. Researchers found that most (54%) of B2B buyers feel the buying cycle has increased, and that more people are now involved in the buying process. For about one-quarter of buyers, at least 5 people were needed to make a purchase; 66% report between 1 and 4 additional people are needed to make a purchase.

“Understanding how the modern buyer makes decisions and engages with content is arguably the most important challenge for today’s sales teams, and we wanted to dive deeper into this topic,” said Theresa O’Neil, VP of Marketing at Showpad.

What kind of content are buyers looking for? Simple, non-confusing content, that is interactive.

â–ª 86% of buyers say they are “overwhelmed and annoyed” with more than 10 pieces of review content
â–ª 32% say confusing content makes buying decisions more difficult
â–ª 44% would like access to an ROI calculator for buying decisions
â–ª 45% are looking for personalized content portals

“We know that the overall buyer experience is a huge factor in the path to purchase, but what we found is that this experience doesn’t come at the expense of sales teams. In fact, with the right combination of useful content, proper coaching, targeted information, and innovative technology, consultative sales teams have a huge opportunity to not only close deals faster, but act as valued partners to their clients,” said O’Neil.

More data from the Showpad report can be accessed here.



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