Elements of a successful cart abandon email strategy

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Three hours. This seems to be the prime time for merchants to send reengagement emails that will encourage a shopper to complete a purchase. According to Campaigner’s experts, reengagement emails sent within the first three hours that a digital cart was abandoned grabbed a 40% open rate and a 20% click through rate. Of course, simple sending a “did you for get about your cart” email won’t get those shoppers to click through. Here are three elements that can help increase email conversions.

First, include a strong subject line. Merchants should test a number of subject lines to find the subjects that are the highest converting. Those subject lines can then be personalized .

Second, include the items abandoned in the cart. Provide informative product content and persuasive ad copy in the email body, and perhaps a contact button so that shoppers can reach a customer service or support member if they have questions.

Third, include a strong CTA. Call to Action buttons are very important for reengagement emails. Make these buttons easy to see and ensure the landing page is easily navigable. One of the best CTAs? Free shipping – according to the data most (93%) shoppers say they are “motivated to buy” because of free shipping. Make that a central point of your call to action.

Data shows that more than two-thirds (68.3%) of shoppers abandon their online shopping carts. Some are just browsing, but more are put off by shipping costs, need more product information, and run into a lengthy check-out process. Merchants can reengage these shoppers with the right email copy and a streamlined checkout process.



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