Study finds auto shoppers open to suggestion

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Valassis researchers found about 56% of consumers can be influenced to switch car brands by advertising and that nearly half (46%) could be swayed to switch brands based on service and repairs options offered with new car purchases.

What does this mean? Car dealerships need to do a better job of getting word out about service/repair contracts – both to keep current customers and to gain new.

“While consumers have several options when it comes to making automotive purchase decisions, dealerships and service providers can encourage brand loyalty through strategic, well-timed promotions and location-based advertising,” said Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis. “Brands that engage through cross-channel campaigns and personalized marketing efforts are more likely to beat out the competition, activate consumers and begin to build loyalty.”

Other interesting findings from the Valassis report include:

• 20% of consumers spend at least 6 months researching new car leases or buys
• 54% spend at least 3 months on research
• 58% research service options for new cars
• 75% feel “more loyalty” to dealerships offering personalized discounts

Researchers also found that consumers are more likely to use the service contract offered – and potentially increase their loyalty in remaining with a car brand – if they receive reminders about their service contract or prompts to come in for service.

Additional findings from the Valassis report can be accessed here.



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