How marketers can engage Millennials

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For example, new data out from SendinBlue shows that email and online experiences are key to most Millennial shoppers.

Email is Millennials’ preferred communication channel, with 60% saying they’d rather receive marketing messages via email than any other channel. More than two-thirds of Millennials (68%) check email between two and five times each day, so marketers should test different send times to see when Millennials are most engaged.

As to the content in emails: don’t put too much focus on Black Friday or Cyber Monday ‘deals’. Researchers found that about one-third of Millennials are waiting until after December 1 to start holiday shopping. Do include both digital and in-store coupon offers – as about 40% say they’ll do at least half their shopping online. 25% of Millennials say they’d rather lose their ability to shop in-store than online.

Meanwhile, data out from Sprout Social, shows the importance of social media for Millennials. Researchers found that just over 40% of Millennials are posting about accomplishments – a new job, a new house, etc – because they are looking for recognition or celebration of their achievements.

And, while Millennials are looking to share their life achievements or goals on social, they are also seeking out brands in social – to ask questions about products, share their favorite products, or share their experiences with brands/stores.



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