Mid-week emails key for engagement

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New research out from SendinBlue underlines the important of the mid-week email message. According to researchers about 85% of emails are opened on weekdays, and that those sent between Tuesday and Thursday, and between mid-morning and mid-afternoon showed the highest engagement rates.

“Across industries, we found that weekdays tend to have the best engagement for email campaigns, with more than 85 percent of the total weekly volume of opens and nearly 95 percent of the weekly clicks,” said Armand Thiberge, CEO of SendinBlue. “As the week goes on, email opens continue but engagement falls, signaling consumer fatigue after a long work week.”

About one-quarter of emails were clicked on in the late afternoon or early evening – between 4pm and 6pm. Overall, more than 85% of opened emails were sent during weekday hours, and 90% of clicked emails were sent on weekdays. What does this indicate for marketers?

“With these results in mind, marketers can adjust the timing of their campaigns to be in line with their customers’ natural behavior,” said Thiberge. “The next step is for businesses to dive into their own email marketing dataset. Using their email marketing platform, can slice and dice their own email campaign performance metrics to glean valuable insights. For instance, do sale-related subject lines perform better than educational? What about email open rates on mobile versus desktop? At SendinBlue, we encourage our users to get familiar with their data to optimize every aspect of their campaigns for engagement and meaningful customer relationships in the long term.”



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