Gap between digital and television ad spend in Europe widens

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European online advertising spending has reached €41.8billion (US$47.5billion), furthering the gap between television advertising and dominating ad mediums across Europe.

Search continues to be the largest online advertising category, in terms of revenue, with a growth of 12.9% and a market value of €19.1billion (US$21.7billion). According to the IAB (Europe) report, video is also growing, now accounting for an 18.2% share of the total display market.

The main driver of growth continues to be mobile, with both mobile display and mobile search increasing 50%-plus in 2016. Mobile display now accounts for €5.4billion (US$6.1billion). Video is also growing, now holding a share of 18.2% of the total display market.


“With this increasing share of advertising spend and user time comes increased responsibility,” says Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe. “IAB Europe is invested in reinforcing advertiser confidence in the new opportunities, notably with our European viewability certification initiative, and in helping companies across the delivery chain provide ever more transparency and choice to users about how their data are processed in the context of digital advertising and for analytics.”



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