Study: Returns process key to customer satisfaction

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Narvar studied all demographics, but the results from Millennials are key to the report: data shows more than half of Millennials made an online purchase in 2016, and that about half check the returns policies of stores before making a buy. That’s because 47% believe returns are a hassle and 60% have kept unwanted items in the past because returns are too hard.

That said, 44% of female shoppers have made and returned an online purchase in the past year and 48% of ‘high income’ shoppers have.

“Returns are the new normal,” said Sucharita Mulpuru, a retail industry analyst who collaborated with Narvar on the study. “As the study shows, most shoppers are frequently returning online purchases, while remaining loyal to brands if they have a positive experience. Retailers who want to remain competitive will find ways to reduce friction in the returns process, whether that’s communicating more updates, providing more transparency, or offering free return shipping.”

“An online return is a critical moment in the customer journey. Retailers have an opportunity to impress and delight customers, especially high-value segments like millennials and affluent shoppers. These are digital natives who treat returns as a natural part of the buying process and have come to expect convenience and transparent communication,” says Amit Sharma, CEO of Narvar. “If retailers can meet these high expectations, they can use returns to improve customer satisfaction, inspire loyalty and fuel new revenue streams.”
Some interesting findings from the report include:
• 47% say it’s easier to return online purchases to physical stores
• 35% of those making returns want store credit, 28% will immediately look for another item
• 75% of Amazon shoppers, who have made a return, rate the transaction over 4-stars

The full study results can be found here.



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