YouTube, on desktop, is the place for game industry advertisers

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Strike Social’s new report, ‘Q2 2017 YouTube Data Report: Focus on Gaming‘, looked at a year’s worth of YouTube campaigns and came up with observations that marketers focusing on mobile advertising should take note of.

The report found that, perhaps due to significant investment in mobile ads, marketers may be missing out on the diverse audience that gaming attracts. While desktop has a slightly higher cost per view compared to phones and tablets, Strike Social’s research found that desktop also has a noticeably higher view rate – 26.3% -compared with mobile phones (21.5%) or tablets (22.1%).

Furthermore, while reports that show that female gamers make up nearly half of all gamers, and their ad view rate is equivalent to that of male gamers, most gaming brands continue to target male gamers on YouTube.

“The data proves that the gaming audience is more diverse than most media plans assume – and failing to account for these nuances leads to lower view rates and higher advertising costs overall,” said Jason Nesbitt, VP, Media & Agency Operations at Strike Social. “While half of Americans play video games regularly, many advertisers fail to reach them where it matters most: on YouTube. In effect, they’re leaving money on the table.”



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