Top 3 tips to find an ad network without fraud problems

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Step One: Focus on metrics that matter

“Front-end metrics like clicks, impressions, installs, and so on can easily be gamed. It’s much harder to game back-end metrics like sales, verified sign-ups, and qualified leads,” said John Koetsier, Mobile Economist, TUNE.

Step Two: Use an attribution partner

“The second step is to use an attribution partner like TUNE (shameless plug) that doesn’t just check ad networks for fraud, but checks all the way down the long chain of each individual ad’s lifecycle from marketer to an ad network to re-brokering exchange to another ad network to sub-publisher to the actual potential customer,” said Koetsier.

Step Three: Trust the network but verify its findings

“Marketers should be able to see success on front-end metrics. They should be getting results on back-end metrics. And they should be able to examine traffic, clicks, or app installs from any ad partner all the way down to sub-publishers to verify that no malicious characters have infiltrated their ad partners,” said Koetsier.

The full results from TUNE’s Mobile Ad Fraud: What 24 Billion Clicks on 700 Ad Netoworks Found can be downloaded here.



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