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BizReport : : May 18, 2017

Expert: What brands must understand about call data

Click-to-call advertising is on the rise just as mobile usage is, but many businesses still aren't harnessing the power of call data as they could. One expert explains how brands can better use call data.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How is call data different than more traditional advertising data?

Jason Flaks, Senior Director of Product & Engineering, Speech Analytics, Marchex: Companies have a vast amount of customer data that can help track the online journey from impression to purchase. However, in the offline world there is a blind spot. Businesses that interact with customers and make sales over the phone have historically been unable to fully analyze and optimize the customer journey, because it's difficult for them to get a comprehensive view of what campaigns are actually producing results. Call and voice data fills this gap, providing information such as whether or not the customer called after being exposed to an online ad, whether they connected with the company or abandoned the call due to wait times, what products were they interested in, and whether the customer had an optimal experience that is likely to result in repeat business. Call and voice data allows call-driven businesses to fully take advantage marketing and sales optimization tactics previously only available in the online world.

Kristina: Are businesses properly using this data?

Jason: It is still early days. In recent years, most companies have simply been measuring whether a call happened, but not what happened on the call. By utilizing analytics tools fueled by call and voice data, businesses can gain further insight into what transpired during the call. These actionable insights are essential for fully optimizing the complete customer journey from marketing through to actual sales.

Kristina: How could they better use call data?

Jason: Businesses should be tracking every call from every source--whether it's paid (Search, display) or unpaid (i.e. a website or store sign) media. To better understand where the potential for optimization exists, all of this call data should be thoroughly compared and analyzed to generate actionable insights. This could mean anything form dumping poor performing media and investing in other channels, to training sales agents with a new phone script.

Tags: advertising, call data, in-call marketing, inbound marketing, Marchex

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