Consumers want more attention from brands during and after purchase process

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According to the report, commissioned by Ricoh Europe, seven in ten consumers say the best brands are those that treat them as individuals. Furthermore, more than half (57%) said they would spend more with brands that make them feel valued as a customer.

An interesting finding is that consumers believe brands care most about them before a purchase (50%), yet they want brands to focus on them more during and after a purchase. Almost six in ten believe brands are only out to make money and do not care about customer service levels.

Ricoh Europe uses an in-house rating system called ‘Triple R’ to allow consumers to rank how brands build good relationships. Triple R refers to the three stages of the purchase – Reach (before), Respond (during), and Retail (after).

“Consumers see Triple R brands as being at the top of their game when it comes to providing a fast and tailored service,” David Mills, CEO, Ricoh Europe.”This makes the need for optimized internal processes and the right technology essential to giving customers what they want.”

The brands currently ranked as excellent across all three R’s within Europe are PayPal, Yamaha Motors and



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