Top 3 challenges facing brands in video space

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Empowered consumers are in control and need to be educated in an entertaining way.

“Video is a medium that builds a brand and differentiates it in a way that historical performance mediums such as text and display simply cannot,” said Mark Flaharty, Chief Operations Officer of Advertising, SundaySky. “As video becomes more of a performance medium that drives direct-response, it can easily lose the business’s unique value prop and storytelling aspect. Ensure that creative experts skilled at developing and designing video with data in mind are part of your brand’s video team. This means that data-driven videos are intended to perform while also building the brand that drives customer engagement and loyalty.”

Meeting consumers where they are – such as Facebook, Snapchat or YouTube.

“[This] is an area where brands need to be ready to engage with video. There are some limitation challenges today with the ability for 100-percent real-time video generation and rendering that blocks true one-to-one relevance and personalization within the sites. Instead, marketers should consider using videos segmented by personas to reach these audiences while still leveraging contextual data for a relevant experience,” said Flaharty.

Video is traditionally created in a linear fashion, whether it’s animation or live recording.

“As we see the newer video forms come into play – such as 360-degree video, live video, augmented reality and interactive video – these will break the linear-made approach and allow the viewer to control the experience,” said Flaharty. “Marketers can solve for this by thinking about and planning for video in a modular way. This will allow them to scale video content beyond one form and channel for reuse at multiple touch points.”



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