London: Digital billboard ads target wealthy drivers based on vehicle registration

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Vehicle recognition technology is being used in four digital billboard locations in Britain and one is in the well-heeled area of London called Holland Park. At a busy traffic light junction, the Bermuda Tourism Authority is showing ads targeted at drivers of vehicles that are less than four years old and valued at more than £40,000 (US$48,600).

The ads, specifically targeted to wealthy drivers based on the type of car they are driving, are personalized with messages such as “Hello Bermudaful in the Range Rover”. The ad targeting technology uses cameras trained on stationary traffic at the Holland Park traffic lights. The cameras detect vehicle registration number plates and uses an anonymized vehicle specification database to identify the make, model and color of the vehicle sitting at the traffic lights.

The ads are believed to be the travel industry’s first campaign using vehicle recognition technology, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority worked with Media Agency Group to create the campaign.

According to John Kehoe, managing director of MAG, the campaign demonstrates the “truly versatile nature of digital out of home advertising and the incredible potential that new technologies and innovations carry for the industry as a whole”.

“Bermuda required a campaign that delivered minimum wastage and maximum relevance – by tapping into vehicle recognition tech we’ve been able to target an ideal audience and ensure that they are served with personalized, effective advertising messages,” he added.



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