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BizReport : Advertising archives : December 12, 2016

Experts: Video tied to 2017 success

We've given titles to years in the past - the Year of Digital, Year of Mobile, Year of the App - and while 2017 may not be the Year of Video, two experts believe video will become increasingly important to digital success. Here's why.

by Kristina Knight

First, OOH (out of home) will merge with digital/data

"We've scoped half a dozen POC's this year alone that speak to supporting OOH media owners in becoming more sophisticated in audience planning and targeting. Not just using static survey data in order to infer demographic but instead using specific hyper-location data in order to understand which devices are traversing through an OOH site and have an opportunity to see a particular placement," said Miles Pitchard, Head of Marketer & Agency Solutions, Lotame. "OOH media owners can then say in a far more real-time and dynamic way what the average profile of a user in, for instance, time square is vs. the average profile of a user in wall street. This can be pushed into planning tools in order to imrpove the overall efficiency of planning media. The next step will be the actiation of that data in order to make more informed creative delivery decisions on the serving of the ad."

Second, more broadcasters will partner with social for live streaming

"With the massive increase in mobile video viewing, the phrase "online video" more often refers to short-form, "snackable" content that is easily digestible and shared through social channels. Where once YouTube reigned supreme, video is now pervasive on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest. With more consumers getting their video content through social channels, broadcasters need to meet their audiences where they are - social - and not where they used to be - TV," said Dror Ginzberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Wochit.

Third, we'll see DMP-DMP integrations

"By 2017 a large percentage of advertisers will be working with their own DMP solution. So will their agencies and their publishers. The problem is this won't always be, and in fact will rarely be the same DMP across the board. If advertisers want to get access to data assets being used by a publisher in their own DMP, they will need a direct DMP-DMP integration. These currently aren't common place and in-fact I think Lotame is one of the only DMPs on market to have some of these integrations currently in place or in the works....they will, however, become very common moving forwards as data portability is a core competency of the DMP," said Pitchard.

More from our video experts later this week, including how brands like the NFL and Hulu will impact video in the new year.

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