Delivery options determine where online shoppers will shop

More shoppers expect to shop online this Christmas – 52% compared to 30% last year. Furthermore, two in five have higher expectations of online delivery than last year, so much so that the vast majority – 95% – say they will potentially go elsewhere if a retailer does not offer the delivery options they desire, according to Shutl’s research. Two out of five shoppers said they would “definitely” go elsewhere.

shutl.png“An on-demand lifestyle is taking hold in the retail space as customers seek instant gratification in more aspects of their everyday life,” said Jason Travaria, head of Shutl. “Technology is facilitating a shift in control, making it easier for customers to shop around online and setting higher expectations in the process. For retailers, this means that the one part of the supply chain process that the retailer usually has least control over – delivery – is becoming the deciding factor at securing sales.”

Retailers are increasingly competing for sales by offering a wider variety of fulfillment options to deliver a higher level of service and provide consumers with more choice. Offering free delivery has long been a motivator among online shoppers and recent JDA/Centiro research has found it works.

Four out of five European online shoppers said they were willing to “exceed minimum order thresholds if it qualifies them for free delivery or collection”. Expectations among European shoppers for free delivery is high. It is highest in the UK where 72% expect standard (3-5 days) delivery to be free compared with 61% in Sweden, Germany 55% and France 55%.

Dec 05, 2016 | 03:12 am


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