GoDaddy highlights best practices for holiday emails

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Experts have come up with a name for November 2 – it’s Headstart Day, and according to data it’s the day consumers are most likely to open holiday-based marketing emails. GoDaddy experts found emails sent today have a 16% higher open rate compared to average opens through November and December. Open rates for November 2, 2015 were more than 38% higher than open rates on Black Friday.

“The holidays are a key time for small businesses to engage with their customers, and for the best results, start early. Black Friday and Cyber Monday might seem like the perfect days to send promotional emails, but small businesses should proceed with caution,” says Eric Gilbert, director of GoDaddy Email Marketing. “With higher sending volume comes lower email open rates. Our advice to our customers is twofold. First, get a head start on your holiday campaigns by sending before the peak shopping days arrive. And second, be sure to write crisp, compelling subject lines to help stand out in the inbox.”

Other interesting findings from their data include:

• 46% of GoDaddy Email Marketing emails are now opened on mobile devices
• Cyber Monday shows twice the number of email sends than other days
• The lowest email open days were Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Boxing Day (2015)

GoDaddy’s experts suggest that SMBs stay away from sending marketing messages on Election Day (November 8), as many shoppers will be distracted by the election, and they also suggest not putting too much emphasis on Cyber Monday because shoppers are already inundated with emails from retailers and brands.

Perhaps most important, though, is the mobile news – with nearly half of GoDaddy Email Marketing emails being opened on mobile devices, it is important that brands focus on short, engaging subject lines, and that they ensure emails are mobile friendly.



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