Sales via mobile apps overtake those on mobile web

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Mcommerce sales are up 40% this year, compared with 11% sales growth for ecommerce. And, for the first time, mobile apps now make up the majority of mcommerce transactions, reports the e-tailing group, which was recently acquired by Astound Commerce. In addition, mobile app visits exceeded those to mobile websites.

In Q1 2016, online sales accounted for $40billion of which $26.6billion came from mobile and $13.5billion from desktop. Of mobile sales, $13.4billion came from mobile apps, slightly more than from mobile websites ($13.2billion).

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“Retailers need to be proactive in delivering a mobile first experience and it is all about speed,” said Lauren Freedman, senior vice president of digital strategy and chief merchant of Astound Commerce. “They need to create a multi-dimensional merchandising experience that engages the shopper while ensuring that all functionality from search to checkout helps buyers quickly find relevant products; and where checkout is seamless and information is captured from one channel to the next.”

The IAB’s recent report, ‘Mobile Commerce: A Global Perspective‘, found that more than half (57%) of consumers have been using their mobile device to make purchases for more than twelve month and 80% do so because it is convenient and offers better prices.

“Pressing the ‘buy’ button on mobile devices is now a regular occurrence the world over,” said Anna Bager, Senior Vice President, Mobile and Video, IAB. “Marketers and media agencies need to fully embrace smartphones and tablets as a critical pathway for all shopping activities and increase investment if they want to build meaningful relationships with mobile consumers, driving them from discovery to purchase.”



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