Report finds heavy over-spending in BYOD reimbursements

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According to Syntonic’s data of the more than half of businesses who have a BYOD policy, 69% are reimbursing their employees for using personal devices. But, the data also shows that nearly half (47%) pay a fixed rate for BYOD reimbursement; on average, employees are reimbursed $71.40 each month.

“However, the results also indicate that business leaders are struggling to keep up with both the technical and corporate implications of BYOD. We were surprised by how much is being overpaid in reimbursement costs due to a sheer lack of awareness and pressure to comply with labor laws,” said Gary Greenbaum, Co-Founder and CEO of Syntonic. “It’s also clear from the survey that businesses are highly dependent on mobile data but remarkably lack understanding about how mobile data is being used within the enterprise. And, while there may be a difference of opinion on internal BYOD ownership, the good news is that program adoption continues to grow.”

Other interesting findings from the Syntonic data include:

• 79% of CEOs say they should manage BYOD programs, but CIOs and CFOs believe the IT department should manage
• 50% say better split billing software would help them understand data usage
• 47% pay a fixed amount per month for employee devices, 29% require employees to calculate reimbursement amounts



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