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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : September 12, 2016

Expert: Why brands must include negative feedback

How businesses handle negative feedback is increasingly important in the digital space. For example, some shoppers will see brands that include negative as well as positive reviews as more trustworthy, says one expert.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What about negative feedback, for example in the social space? How can brands use a customer's negative experience to their advantage?

John Swanciger, CEO, Manta: Turn the negative into a positive. Before even responding it is important to actively remind yourself to not take anything personally and always avoid getting defensive. Address the critique, apologize, and immediately follow up with a solution or suggestion to show how you value your customers' satisfaction. Using this approach acknowledges the naysayer while also providing prospective customers with a good impression of your company. Handled correctly, a negative comment is a great opportunity to draw attention to your business' good qualities.

Kristina: Is there danger for brands in trying to engage in a positive way with consumers who have had a negative experience?

John: There will always be critics who just want to keep fighting. No gains are made by further interacting with them. It is, however, dangerous to respond to reviews when you have no solution for how the problem will be fixed. If you cannot flip the script or explain the issue at hand, it may not be worth engaging.

Kristina: How can businesses tell the difference between a legitimate bad/negative experience and false experiences, for example, a restaurant guest who has exaggerated an experience to get a free meal?

John: One easy way to check is to simply click the user's other reviews. If they continuously bash organizations and ask for refunds, their reviews might not be the most accurate. Repeat offenders' critiques should still be acknowledged but use your best judgement in giving weight to their comment. Another way to differentiate bad reviews is attention to detail. Usually reviews that name the staff member they dealt with or include a very specific issue are more believable. It is important to remember that certain individuals might try to take advantage of your kindness if you're constantly providing users with promotions or coupons. Do your due diligence in finding out who really deserves your time and money.

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