Mobify report reveals impact of mobile website speed

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Mobify’s 2016 Q2 Mobile Insights Report provides marketers with back-up to what they probably already know. Analysis of large volumes of data from Mobify’s customer base in Q2 2016, illustrates the impact of mobile website speed on consumer engagement, conversions and top-line growth.

“Retail has rallied around the idea that successful ecommerce hinges on evolving quickly to support mobile engagement, but there is little data to support it and limited large volume data from leading retailers. With Mobify Mobile Insights, we aim to fill that gap, offer eye-opening data, and as importantly, provide specific guidance for retailers so they can act on what they learn,” said Vik Kambli, senior director of strategy at Mobify.

So, what does Mobify’s research tell us, specifically?

– For every 100ms decrease in homepage load speed, Mobify’s customer base saw a 1.11% lift in session based conversion, amounting to an average annual revenue increase of $376,789;

– For every 100ms decrease in checkout page load speed, Mobify’s customers saw a 1.55% life in session based conversion, amounting to an average annual revenue increase of $526,147;

– Shoppers browse more on faster mobile websites;

– An increase of one pageview per user results in a 5.17% lift in user based conversion, i.e. for each additional page viewed per user, Mobify saw their average customer’s annual revenue increase by: $398,484.



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