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BizReport : Internet : August 03, 2016

Expert: How businesses can use AI more efficiently

Artificial Intelligence can be a huge help to brands, but many businesses either do not have the manpower or the time to use AI well. One expert offer advice on how businesses can better use AI.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: We are seeing more and more brands turn to artificial intelligence for their business. What is pushing this adoption?

Joy Dasgupta, SVP Marketing and Corporate Development, RAGE Frameworks: There are three main forces pushing this increased adoption:
• The volume of information that is on the Internet and stored in devices continues to be produced at a phenomenal rate, a rate that goes beyond the processing power of most knowledge workers
• The horsepower of processing and storage technology is ready to handle very large data volumes
• AI technology is coming of age, and while it is still very early in the game, it is already proving to be quite capable of enabling the processing of large quantities of structured and unstructured data.

Kristina: You mentioned that there is a distinction that many businesses aren't taking into account - the difference between natural language processing and understanding. Why are so many missing this distinction?

Joy: Put simply, it is new territory - they don't know what they don't know. Pattern recognition system - systems that look blindly at data to draw conclusions - work very effectively in many use cases. But in the area of Enterprise business processes, the high contextual and institutional knowledge required for knowledge work, the lack of broad patterns and the typically high variability make most current AI technologies unsuitable for these areas.

Kristina: For those who haven't taken processing and understanding into account, what trials might they face?

Joy: Potentially, this lack of understanding could result in purchasing a high-cost AI solution with a lengthy and labor-intensive deployment model that doesn't adequately process information in the way a brand had envisioned. In addition, it may not yield appropriate levels of business intelligence that actually answer the most pressing questions or challenges a business is experiencing, resulting in a significant loss of time, money and opportunity.

Kristina: How can brands do a better job at integrating AI?

Joy: Brands need to start by asking the right questions when considering an AI solutions: show me how the machine made the decision [most current technologies will point you to a black box or a formula - not ideal]; how long will it take to train the engine for a specific use case; how long will it take to train for any changes/deviations; and finally, what kind of accuracy can I expect? By asking these critical questions before investing in an AI solution, businesses should avoid an unnecessary and costly deployment while being able to choose an AI platform that has the ability to prove its results.

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