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First, 33Across has launched a new dashboard that is set up to help publishers drive incremental revenue. The new dash offers performance analytics for traffic, engagement and increase a brand’s social media footprint.

“Our platform and new dashboard to meets the challenges facing online publishers today,” said Orchid Richardson, general manager, Publisher and Media Solutions, 33Across. “This includes ensuring the quality of traffic to their sites and providing the tools that allow them to make more educated decisions that engage more visitors, increase their time on the site, and yield higher revenue.”

And Wise Data Media has launched Wise Air; the new platform helps brands to optimize online campaigns before bidding. The platform includes audience based data collection and analysis, elastic CPMs, impression optimization and both white- and black-lists for advertising sites.

” We are delighted to introduce Wise Air to the digital marketing industry and to those running marketing campaigns via all digital channels,” said Tomer Sade, CEO of Wise Data Media. ” With the launch of our new predictive technology, we are responding to the growing demand of companies and campaign managers who are in need of a bid management system that offers optimal artificial intelligence. This means generating real-time recommendations that will produce the most meaningful results for effective campaigns, and this is what Wise Air delivers.”

Meanwhile, Neustar has partnered with DISH Media Sales to offer addressable TV ad targeting and measurement. The partnership expands Neustar’s real time, omni-channel marketing analysis.

“TV is going through a renaissance and promises to reinvent itself in a way that aligns with how consumers want to engage with brands,” said Steven Wolfe Pereira, chief marketing and communications officer of Neustar. “With the proliferation of media and the multi-screen behavior of consumers accelerating rapidly, marketers have the opportunity to transform how they use their valuable customer data. We are excited to partner with DISH, a pioneer in the TV industry, to let media buyers and sellers demonstrate the efficacy of TV media by hyper-targeting advertisements, and measuring results at a granular, addressable level.”



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