Top tips to engage over holidays

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Consider the bid price for CPM-based campaigns

“Historically, we see increased ad volume for key retail holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. With more demand, CPMs tend to rise, so it’s important that you bid high enough to win valuable impressions. Advertisers should prepare to increase bids up to two weeks prior to Father’s Day as that is when the majority of Father’s Day campaigns launch,” said Jordan Pervere, Lead Specialist PSO, MediaMath.

Whitelist it

“Create whitelists to hit in-market users for websites across the top verticals for Father’s Day, including: sporting goods, home & garden and consumer goods. Contextual targeting is also an effective tactic. You can leverage channels such as Father’s Day, Automotive, Sports and potentially use custom keyword channels that you can curate yourself depending on your campaign goals,” said Pervere.

That the campaign across devices

“Look into third-party data providers that can provide segments across channels, including audiences by mobile activity. Some examples include:
•Apps by genre: Shopping and Lifestyle, Sports, Games
•Purchase Intent: Retail, Automotive and Boating, Technology
•Mobile-app based channels: Targets in-app users through contextually in categories such as: Shopping Apps, Top Ranked Apps, High App Usage

More and more customers are buying gifts using a multi-touch approach – take advantage of this trend and be sure to target users across mobile devices and tablets, as well as traditional display,” said Pervere.



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