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BizReport : June 10, 2016 Archive

June 10, 2016 Archive

Social Marketing | June 10, 2016

Ad agencies prefer Instagram to Twitter for social media campaigns

Instagram is proving more attractive to advertising agencies than Twitter, according to a new survey from Strata, a unit of Comcast. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 10, 2016

Survey uncovers new mobile shopping audience - the Mobile Reliants

New research not only sheds light on in-store mobile behaviors, but also pinpoints the highest-value audience that retailers should cater to with advanced mobile in-store shopping tools. >>

Internet | June 10, 2016

Report: Hacks keep most consumers away

It is widely accepted that business and organizations who are hacked struggle to recover from the loss of data and privacy. One new report indicates that while most adults accept hacking as inevitable, they'll still stop doing business with businesses or organizations who are hacked. >>

Viral Marketing | June 10, 2016

Brands: How to integrate video this Father's Day

Video has been gaining more ground in the digital ad space over the past five years, but still, some video ads are missing the mark. One expert explains how brands can use video to engage for Father's Day. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 10, 2016

Report: Smart messaging increasing retention

There is a struggle in the app space in keeping consumers engage. According to several reports, most consumers stop using apps within the first week, some within the first 72 hours. But, new data out from Kahuna suggests smart messaging is a way to increase those app retention rates. >>

Trends & Ideas archives | June 10, 2016

Just-in-time marketing boosts marketing revenue growth

A new survey of chief marketing officers suggests that just-in-time marketing is outperforming traditional mass-marketing strategies. >>