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BizReport : Email Marketing : March 21, 2016

Top 4 tips to strengthen email marketing

Whether a brand has been using email for a year or ten years, there are ways to enhance and strengthen the strategy of email marketing. One expert offers five tips.

by Kristina Knight

First, simplify

"Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter so it's that much more important to get your message across to your reader as soon as possible. Accomplish this by making sure your content gets right to the point. Unless this is a newsletter that consistently has multiple pieces of content, limit your email to one main topic. You can also minimize confusion by making sure you only have one call-to-action. This will help direct readers to your main goal, whether that's getting them to make a purchase, register for an event, or anything else," said Marina Lau, Senior Marketing Manager, JotForm.

Second, target

"With all of the customer data we have these days, it's become much easier to develop unique content geared towards specific types of people," said Lau. "For instance, people in different parts of the world celebrate different holidays. If you're planning to send out an email about an Independence Day sale, it's probably best to limit that to just your US customers. This is one simple way to segment your list. Based on the size of the list, there will be a variety of ways to differentiate groups of people, such as purchase behavior, account usage, etc."

Third, creative

"The best way to engage your customers is to get them to interact with your brand. Whether that's contributing content for your social media channels, filling out surveys to collect more useful information, or even voting for future products, it can be incredibly helpful to get the customer involved in your business. Customers feel valued and are more likely to stay loyal to your brand if they feel like their input is going to make a difference," said Lau.

Fourth, test

"As always, it's hard to know exactly what will resonate with your email list without having concrete data. Luckily, your email list is also one of the easiest ways to conduct A/B tests because you already have easy access to a ton of people! Take the time to develop a strategic testing process where you can try out different subject lines, find the perfect balance between text and graphics, figure out the perfect link placements, and more," said Lau.

Fifth, measure

"With testing comes optimizing. Each test you run should have a clear goal and come with a set of metrics that you'll use to determine which option was the best. Whether you're measuring how many opens an email gets or how many conversions came as a direct result of an email, determine ahead of time what result will help you make the decision. Once the results tell you what worked best, apply that as a best practice to all of your emails moving forward," said Lau.

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