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BizReport : Internet : March 24, 2016

Study: 88% of bot traffic from 'advanced' sources

The bots they are a'changing. That's the takeaway from a new Distil Networks study, which found that Advanced Persistent Bots are on the rise. According to the report nearly half (46%) of online traffic comes from bots, and 18% from 'bad bots'.

by Kristina Knight

Just what are APBs? These bots mimic human behavior, making it difficult for businesses, agencies and advertising networks to get an accurate readings; they can also distribute attacks over many IP addresses. Researchers found that most (73%) are distributing attacks via multiple IPs and that 20% pass the 100 IP address mark.

"Advanced Persistent Bots (APBs) can mimic human behavior, load JavaScript and external assets, tamper with cookies, perform browser automation, and spoof IP addresses and user agents," said Rami Essaid, co-founder and CEO of Distil Networks. "The persistency aspect is that they evade detection with tactics like dynamic IP rotation from huge pools of IP addresses, using Tor networks and peer to peer proxies to obfuscate their origins, and distributing attacks over hundreds of thousands of IP addresses. This shows that bot architects have already taken note of traditional bot detection techniques and are finding new sophisticated ways to invade websites and APIs, in an effort to take advantage of critical assets and impact a business's bottom line."

Some interesting findings from the Bad Bot Landscape Report include:

• 88% of bad bot traffic has at least 1 APB characteristic
• 53% of bad cots can load resources like JavaScript - so they can be identified as 'human'
• For the third year Amazon is in the Top 5 Bad Bot Originators list
• 6 of the 20 top ISPs for bad bots are Chinese based
• US and Netherlands are in the top 5 for bad bot mobile carriers

As for which sites are most likely to see attacks - there was a 300% increase in bad bot activity on real estate websites. The research also shows nearly one-third (31%) of digital publisher traffic is from bad bots.

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