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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : February 12, 2016

Top 3 annoyances for mobile shoppers

While mobile shopping is definitely on the rise around the world, there are still some hiccups in that arena. According to new data from Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity, shoppers want mobile to be fast and simple. Here are their top 3 issues with m:commerce.

by Kristina Knight

First, all that pinching and zooming. Mobile shoppers don't want to zoom to see images or pinch to read product content. They also want the content to be readable, i.e. big enough that they don't have to squint to see it.

"This can lead to a frustrating experience wasted loading time and a higher bounce rate," said Hayley Silver, Vice President, Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity. "If the text seems a little on the small side, a little too light, or not contrasted enough with the background, just change it."

Silver's tips: for image issues, consider using a few pixels of 'padding' before links to reduce the number of stray click and ensure your mobile site supports scrolling. For text, 'frontload' your content with the most important information first, and use less text.

Second, keep your desktop and mobile experiences as similar as possible. Shoppers will remember how products are presented as well as their availability. Also, even though Silver advises brands to be succinct with content, allow for consumers to click for additional information or 'silo' product information into tabs.

"While cutting copy on your homepage and category pages can free up precious space on your mobile screen, never sacrifice your product copy. Mobile shoppers who are seriously considering a purchase want the same amount of product info as they would on desktop. Never eliminate or reduce product details to save space, instead get smart about how you display it," said Silver.

Third, offer alternate payment options. The Bizrate Insights data shows 66% of those surveyed don't trust retailers with their payment information.

"Always offer mobile shoppers alternative payment systems: Solutions like PayPal, Google Wallet and Visa Checkout don't require shoppers to enter their personal, and many shoppers Bizrate Insights surveyed explicitly mentioned that they preferred PayPal for security reasons," said Silver. "Consistently remind shoppers that their information is safe: Use terminology such as "enter secure checkout" throughout your mobile site, and offer further information about your security measures for those who want to learn more."

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