Mums turn to Facebook for recommendations and parenting communities

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More than two-thirds (67%) of the 3,000 mums in the UK surveyed by FanFinders said they conduct thorough research when making a big purchase, and another 30% said they read at least a few online reviews. Just 3% do not seek out recommendations.

Moreover, half (52%) said they use social networks to get recommendations from time to time, while 8% said they always turn to social media to research options thoroughly.

The research, reported on by The Drum, also found that private parenting groups are popular hangouts for mums, with Facebook being preferred by 84%. Busy, on-the-go mums also access social media via mobile (76%) more than on desktop or laptop.

In fact, Facebook recently reported that parents use Facebook Mobile 1.3 times more than non-parents, and not just for keeping tabs on their children or friends.

“Equipped with their mobile devices, parents can get opinions, price comparisons and reviews before they make purchasing decisions. This is particularly true for Millennial parents (ages 18-34), who are 30% more likely than Boomer parents (ages 50-65) to use their mobile devices to make more informed purchasing decisions,” says a recent Facebook IQ post.



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