Mobile app shoppers generate more revenue than mobile website and desktop shoppers

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Analysis of desktop, mobile and app data in the final quarter of 2015 by Poq found that app users are the most enthusiastic digital shoppers. The average person shopping from a mobile app generates 2.6 times more revenue for retailers than those shopping from a mobile website, and 1.5 times more than those using desktop. Furthermore, app users interact more with retailers, 2.8 times more than those using a mobile website.

Poq also looked at how users across Britain differed in their app shopping behavior. Shoppers in the North East and Scotland were found to spend the most via mobile apps with average order values in the North East being 126% higher than average and revenue per user highest in Scotland (143% more profitable than the average app shopper). In the capital, where 54% of retail app traffic originated in Q4 2015, Londoners were more impatient app users driving 140% more app sessions than the average but spent 4% less time interacting with them than the average.

“Results from peak trading 2015 reinforced what we already know: shoppers have become immune to impersonal promotions. Mobile was driving results because it is the most intimate way to shop online,” says Poq co-founder, Michael Langguth. “New technologies that enable more targeted shopping experiences will help to significantly improve the way in which retailers engage with their customers during peak trading in 2016. We predict that campaigns that take into account contextual influences such as geography will drive the most outstanding results this year.”

Recent research released by Urban Airship found that, in the UK, half of the 100 retail executives surveyed said between 21% and 50% of online sales now come via their mobile device.



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