Ad Roundup: Platforms to increase data

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Jivox has partnered with LiveRamp to give brands better access to data. Through the partnership retailers will gain access to LiveRamp’s anonymized first- and third-party data, which should increase brands’ ability to personalize ads.

“Most brands today rely on website cookies as their primary source of first-party data for digital ad personalization,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. “However, these same brands also have a wealth of offline first-party data – including CRM, email marketing, customer loyalty, and retail point-of-sales (POS) transactions – which can now be utilized to improve targeting and personalization via Jivox’s partnership with LiveRamp.”

And xAD has launched Marketplace, a self-serve platform geared toward real time, location based advertising.

“For the first time ever, marketers will now be able to leverage real-time consumer intent like they can do today for search–but for the physical world,” said xAd founder and CEO Dipanshu “D” Sharma. “Users will be able to buy places like keywords, leveraging past behavioral trends and real-time data to make incredibly informed marketing decisions. They’ll then be able to execute those campaigns almost immediately from within the platform. These capabilities have never been offered within a singular, transparent, self-serve solution, and we think it’s going to revolutionize how brands approach mobile marketing.”

Meanwhile, OneSpot has leveraged their Content Sequencing platform into Oracle’s Marketing AppCloud. The move will give brands the ability to personalize and sequence email messaging to customers within Oracle’s Marketing AppCloud.

“As marketing channels like email, mobile and social become more widely used for driving content engagement, marketers’ ability and desire to use automated, real-time solutions will increase dramatically,” said Damian Borichevsky, vice president of client services for OneSpot. “The early results of our work with Oracle Responsys demonstrate our ability to help brands combine their content marketing and email efforts to deliver a more relevant, personalized experience for consumers.”



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