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BizReport : January 22, 2016 Archive

January 22, 2016 Archive

Advertising archives | January 22, 2016

Google reveals just how many bad and click-to-trick ads they blocked last year

A combination of computing power and human review enabled Google to block more than three-quarters of a billion bad ads in 2015. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 22, 2016

SMBs not keeping up with mobile-savvy customers

Millions of small businesses across the U.S. are not keeping up with their mobile-savvy customers and prospects, according to new data released by Buzzboard. >>

Ecommerce archives | January 22, 2016

Data reveals huge rise in attempted fraud among new ecommerce delivery methods

Between Thanksgiving and the end of 2015 ecommerce transactions rose significantly, but so did fraud attempts, according to new benchmark data from ACI Worldwide. >>

Research archives | January 22, 2016

Top 3 tips to improve SMB, accountant relations

A new survey from AccountantsWorld indicates more than half of small business owners spend fewer than 10 hours each month on accounting work; less than one-quarter spend between 10 and 24 hours per month on this kind of work. So it's no wonder that there is a disconnect between what SMB owners think their accountants know, and what they actually do know. Here are three tips to improve that relationship. >>

Social Marketing | January 22, 2016

Report: Social ad spend up by 50%

Kenshoo has released the Digital Marketing Snapshot for Q4 of 2015 and among the more interesting findings are bumps for social advertising and product listing ads. These two ad options have shown increased spending by brands and marketers as they search for more consumer engagement. >>

Advertising archives | January 22, 2016

Reports: Brands banking on programmatic, personalization

Nearly one month into 2016, two trends are becoming clearer: programmatic advertising and personalization are getting a lot of attention. The authors of two reports believe brands will continue banking on the two P's throughout the year. >>