UK mobile email open rates at highest ever but conversions in decline

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In Q3 2015, after a slight dip in the second quarter, mobile email opens in the UK reached their highest rate yet accounting for 73% of all email opens, according to Movable Ink’s quarterly UK Consumer Device Preference Report.

In the first quarter of 2015 mobile email opens reached 71%, dropping slightly in Q2 to 69%. The mobile open gap widened between the U.K. (73%) and U.S. (67%) (U.S. Report).

It is opens on smartphones that is driving the open rate. While mobile email opens on smartphone rose 7% YoY in Q3, and up from 42% to 47% from Q2 to Q3, tablet opens dropped 3% YoY and stood at 26% in Q3 2015.

Android users consistently read their emails for longer than their Apple counterparts, spending over 15 seconds in 54% of their opened emails. But, iPhone opens dominate the open rate accounting for 37% of all email opens in the UK followed by desktop (27%) and iPad (25%). Android accounts for just 9% of opens and Android tablet just 1%.

However, mobile conversions for both smartphones and tablets, while they still outnumber desktop, are in decline. Mobile conversions in the UK fell 2% from Q2 to Q3 to 57%.

“Marketers have a very short window of opportunity to keep customers engaged as they quickly open and scan emails on mobile devices,” said Matthew Potter, VP of U.K. and EMEA for Movable Ink. “While mobile opens are increasing, the decline in mobile conversions highlights a continued need and opportunity for marketers to invest time and resources into creating better experiences that entice customers to buy after the initial click.”



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