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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : November 16, 2015

Top tips to get ready for 2016 ad success

Personalization has been important in the advertising space for several years now. It will continue to be a big part of ad campaigns in the new year, but one expert says it won't be the same personalization. Here's how personalization will change in 2016.

by Kristina Knight

First, rethink abandoned carts for better personalization.

"In a Bronto survey of 1,012 consumers from earlier this year, about three quarters of shoppers say they use their shopping carts to store items with plans to visit later. And if you have a store, 40% percent of shoppers will revisit the items while they are in your store. They're telling you online what they are interested in, so let them know that when you reach back out to them. And by the way, nearly half of those shoppers who expect to receive a cart reminder do not expect an incentive (such as free shipping or a discount coupon)," said Jim Davidson, Head of Research, Bronto Software.

Second, browser abandonment is the 'next frontier' of personalization.

"Measure time spent on a page and use that information to craft "come back" messages. Start with a specific message about the products browsed and if that doesn't work, broaden the message. Our surveys suggest about 15% of retailers are currently sending browser recovery emails, and we see that number rising as the technology for automating these messages is more readily available. Test and modify messages to reach maximum revenue recovery," said Davidson.

Third, segmentation as personalization strategy.

"Strong segmentation requires input from merchandising and creative teams to construct deals and messages that resonate with shoppers. If you try to jump from two segments to fifty, you will overextend the staff and potentially fail. Expand slowly, measure success and employ A/B testing," said Davidson.

Third, the welcome as personalization.

"Roll out the welcome mat. Welcome series work. Retailers using this strategy can see double-digit revenue increases," said Davidson. "Use the series to encourage customers to provide subscription preferences so you can better segment and keep them from unsubscribing. Pop-ups are a solid option no matter what your brand's price point and profile. A pop-up to encourage email sign-up is not just for mid-market to lower-end brands."

Fourth, reconsider how promo codes are used.

"Technology exists to create unique promotion codes that can't be easily leaked all over the Internet. Use them to not only thwart unnecessary discounting but also track the metrics on your promotions to further enhance personalization," said Davidson.

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