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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : October 09, 2015

Why brands need to know document search

Computers have made business infinitely simpler - there are mobile and online check-outs, online marketing teams can collaborate from around the globe and in some cases employees can work from their homes. But there is another function computers offer that many businesses aren't using - document search.

by Kristina Knight

It isn't as sexy as social marketing or as cool as telecommuting, but document search can help businesses rise above their competitors by instantly recognized, parsing and indexing different data types - all from a computer search tool, and across document types like PDF, web data, databases, portfolios, emails and more.

dtSearch is one such tool, which runs within a computer or network environment and at scale.

"One particular benefit of dtSearch Web is that, through dtSearch's own document filters, dtSearch Web can support not only online searching of traditional "web-ready" data, but also other data types that are not traditionally "web-ready." For example, dtSearch can search MS Word, Access, OneNote, Excel, and even emails and display the result with highlighted hits. Businesses can then post all of these different data types on a secure server, and make them securely "dtSearchable" from anywhere in the world," said Elizabeth Thede, Director of Sales at dtSearch.

In addition to internal Intranet searching, dtSearch's toolset makes it possible to use different metadata combinations, classify data and drill down to specific data subsets.

"The dtSearch Engine lets developers use any combination of full-text or metadata to set differential data access rights in a way that is completely invisible to the end-user. The advanced data classification features actually work as filters, and operate with negligible overhead. The end-user types in a search request, and the filters simply limit retrieved data to items that the end-user has authority to see," said Thede.

More from Elizabeth and dtSearch next week, including how to use document searches in your business.

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