Most parents will shop offline for Halloween candy and costumes

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Location-based mobile platform Retale polled 700 parents in the U.S. with school-aged children and found that the vast majority (83%) prefer shopping offline for Halloween paraphernalia. Just 45% expect to make purchases online.

Costumes will take up the majority of parents’ Halloween budgets with 46% saying they will spend most of their budget on this item compared to 36% putting the majority of their cash into candy purchases. Just 17% are allocating budget to decorating the home.

Adults aged 55 and over were planning to buy the most candy, most likely as theirs will be the doors being knocked on during trick or treat, while Millennials were found to be the heaviest purchasers of costumes. Seventy-one percent said they will shop for candy at a mass merchandiser while 11% will buy from a grocery store, 9% from a dollar store and 6% from a drug store.

“Shopping has rebounded this Halloween after seeing a lull in recent years,” said Pat Dermody, President of Retale. “As the overall economic climate has improved, we’re seeing a boom in Halloween interest and spend. Though the two aren’t directly related, if you look at Halloween as a bellwether for December, holiday spending could also rise this year.”



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