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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : October 28, 2015

How wearables will impact 2016

Wearables have taken hold in the mobile space. There is Apple's Watch, there are lifestyle wearables like the FitBit and more old-school pedometers. For brands, however, wearables may be more than a device. They may be another revenue stream.

by Kristina Knight

With the success of Apple's Watch, a lot of brands have pushed hard to make their app wearable-friendly. Leading up to the holiday season and looking ahead to 2016, one expert believes wearables paired with geo-targeted, relevant ads, could increase customer engagement.

"[Brands] must consider that [wearables are] a device that's attached to a user's body, so it's pretty much the most intimate way a brand can serve up content. Handled with care, you can build loyalty and spur unplanned purchases, but cross the line, and users will see you as obnoxious and intrusive and abandon your app in short order. Most wearers are only going to allow you to send them push messages on their wrists after you've earned their trust by being relevant, timely and highly personalized," said said Aaron Glazer, CEO of Taplytics.

The key is relevance. Because wearables are built for quicker interactions, they can provide consumers with at a glance information about specific items or about also-boughts for big sale items. But, brands can simply drag content optimized for a mobile or computer screen into a wearable-friendly platform.

"The same content that you're presenting on a smartphone won't translate into the wearables world because it's a fraction of the size and used in a different way. You have a finite number of words to engage the customer and move them to action, whether that's purchasing a gift or subscribing to your service. If you get it wrong the first time, you'll probably lose that user for life," said Glazer.

What should brands do? A/B test. Moving into 2016 Glazer believes those brands that test wearable ads and content across operating systems will have the most success at customer engagement via these devices.

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