Vloggers under-utilized by brand marketers targeting Millennials

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Millennials are more likely to be influenced by vloggers than television or movie stars, concludes the latest video Intelligence Report from L2. The think tank found that while television and movie stars had a 46%/49% (young adult/teen) influence on purchase intent, vloggers exercised more at 62%/63%.

According to L2, “YouTube vloggers are natural marketing vehicles” for those brands seeking to get the attention of Millennials.

“The early success of YouTube stars such as Michelle Phan has propagated a generation of content creators, some of which now generate more reach than traditional publishers,” says the report. “The average popular vlogger video achieves two times more views than the monthly circulations of top magazines employed by brands to target the same demographics.”

A case in point. While the average popular beauty vlogger can generate around 438,770 video views the monthly circulation figures for some of the top magazines are just 289,044 (Cosmopolitan), 202,127 (Marie Claire) and 200,032 (Vogue).

Some brands have realized the value of popular vloggers, and a few have even featured vloggers in their own content. According to L2’s report, 17% of beauty and hair care brands have created content featuring vloggers but half failed to take advantage of those vloggers’ significant numbers of subscribers on their own YouTube channels.



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