Ad Roundup: Releases add functionality for brands

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First, Act-On Software has released their Enterprise suite of tools. Act-On for Enterprise allows for multi-dimensional lead scoring, SAML integrations and has a data studio that allows businesses to select and configure data to business intelligence platforms.

“Act-On is changing the status quo in enterprise marketing automation. We’ve taken the strengths that distinguish us in the SMB market – simplicity and usability, and added enterprise functionality and scalability,” said Gal Josefsberg, VP of Product Management at Act-On Software. “Now, large enterprises can capitalize on ease of use and a streamlined implementation process, and as a result realize ROI quicker.”

Meanwhile Intelliverse has added inbound calling features to their platform. The ability not only to answer calls as they come in but to track those calls can give salespeople a more complete picture of their customer base.

“Our goal is to help sales organizations do their jobs more effectively, and our new inbound offering closes the loop on the sales process to ensure that all inbound calls are immediately handled, giving sales teams the highest probability to close,” said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “Our inbound features help sales organizations further accelerate sales performance by increasing the response time, visibility and tracking of inbound leads, thus shortening the sales cycle and making it a must have for any sales organization.”

And Attend has added functionality to their event management platform. The new addition include real-time monitoring of registrations, alerts that announce when VIPs join the event, a snapshot of attendee profiles and the ability to create a favorites lists for customer prioritization.

“Today’s empowered customers demand more thoughtful interactions and events are one of the best ways to deepen and extend those bonds,” said Matt Engel, CEO of Attend. “With the latest version of Attend’s event management platform and new mobile app, we are addressing the needs of our B2B customers, a market we are gaining healthy momentum in. The app enables our customers to optimize event interactions and helps bridge the connection between event managers and their sales teams. With Attend’s latest event platform, users can dramatically improve their guests’ experiences and accelerate pipeline activities.”



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