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BizReport : August 19, 2015 Archive

August 19, 2015 Archive

Research archives | August 19, 2015

Survey: California and New York are bad, Texas and Utah are good

When it comes to where a small business opens, it's mostly based on where the entrepreneur lives. But, is that state where you live the best option for your new business? A new survey from Thumbtack identifies the best - and worst - states in the US to run a small business. >>

Advertising archives | August 19, 2015

Expert: Why brands need to think mobile

According to several studies about half of digital media is now consumed on mobile devices - primarily smartphones and tablets; researchers have also found more consumers are going mobile-only - they're disconnecting landlines, they're streaming content rather than using cable or satellite. One expert believes it is time for brands to reinvest in mobile. >>

Research archives | August 19, 2015

Study: Mobile Millennials do it all on the phone

When it comes to getting that first job post-college, Millennials are excited about working, but businesses should be ready with mobile solutions - including employee handbooks on the use of mobiles in the workplace. That's the takeaway from a new and Domo, which found Millennials are willing to work long hours, but that they are also used to being connected to the outside world. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 19, 2015

Report: Android devices surge in usage

According to new Opera Mediaworks data, Android devices are going strong in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. Looking at data from Q2 of 2015, researchers found that consumers in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam (P4) have increased their smartphone usage more than 50% over the past 2 years. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 19, 2015

Jumio: 56% of mobile transactions abandoned, costing retailers billions

Mobile transactions are rising fast but, according to new research released by Jumio, so are abandoned purchases, costing U.S. retailers as much as $24.5 billion in lost revenue. >>

Advertising archives | August 19, 2015

Adroit: Advertisers should avoid pigeonholing Millennials

Despite differences in age, new research from performance marketing tech firm Adroit shows that, whatever generation a person is pigeonholed into, their response to advertising is remarkably similar. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 19, 2015

80% of Apple Watch owners using Apple Pay

'Magical' - that's how respondents to research by Wristly describe the process of paying with Apple Pay using an Apple Watch. But don't let the headline fool you. >>