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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : July 22, 2015

What Technorati's platform means for publishers

This week Technorati has launched a new publisher platform called SmartWrapper. It's part of the larger Contango release which helps publishers get the best price for their content; the SmartWrapper element is currently in Beta testing.

by Kristina Knight

Technorati CEO Shani Higgins points out programmatic spending is up 137% YoY, but that publishers continue struggling to take advantage of all those impressions.

"With advertising dollars flowing through a growing number of channels, publishers must work with multiple partners - SSP's, marketplaces, networks, and others - in order to ensure they have access to the full universe of demand for their inventory. Managing multiple partners - all who are demanding integrations that provide a "first look" at your inventory - is challenging enough. But it doesn't end there. Next comes the inefficiencies of the daisy chain - a sequential process of clearing real-time bids that results in lost revenue from pass-backs and sub-optimal clearing prices. Building your own solution to manage these dynamics can be a costly and daunting endeavor. And trusting technology vendors who run their own marketplaces to truly act neutrally, a big risk. While their partners are well armed, publishers have historically lacked parity on the programmatic playing field when it comes to the technology needed to manage these dynamics," said Higgins.

Using Contango and SmartWrapper, Higgins says publishers can better compete for those impressions, ensuring they are sold at the highest point. Using SmartWrapper, for example, brands can manage and maintain integrations across demand sources rather than maintaining multiple tech stands. It also takes away the conflict of interest wherein some providers were both buyers and sellers of inventory; the SmartWrapper platform gives access to the wide marketplace while measuring partner performance in real time. The solution also offers transparency so that publishers can see partner performance statistics.

"Demand fragmentation forces publishers to work with multiple revenue partners to try and maximize yield. However when deployed in a waterfall or daisy chain process that strategy is neither effective nor efficient as it limits a publisher's exposure to all demand at the same time," said Higgins. "In order to maximize competition for each impression sold and minimize management costs, we engineered Contango to provide a true unified auction process with centralized reporting and revenue management."

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