Study: Ebay, Amazon the most visible search advertisers

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Here’s how the numbers break down: Searchmetrics ranks brands based on visibility scores from PLAs and PPC to determine how often a brand’s ads are seen. The result: Ebay has a Google PLA (product listing ad) visiblity rate of 7,591,817 – meaning their PLAs are ‘seen’ by more people than other brands. Amazon, meanwhile, is leading in the PPC category with a 9,381,597 visibility rate.

“PLAs can pay off for retail advertisers, because the market is still relatively cheap at the moment, mainly due to the higher CTR com­pared with AdWords ads. You would expect more people to click on a PLA because they include an image, which stands out on the search results page. They are also likely to be more effective for retailers because Google shows them when it deems that a person is showing purchase intent – in other words they are performing product related searches,” said Marcus Tober, founder and CTO, Searchmetrics.

The leading AdWords PPC advertisers include Amazon (9,381,597 visibility) (6,577,132 visibility) and (6,366,023 visibility). The leading Google PLA advertisers include Ebay (7,591,817 visibility), Walmart (6,198,399 visibility) and Rakuten (2,289,424 visibility).



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