News consumption – the rise of Citizen Editorship

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Thanks to social media and mobile technology, consumers are able to control the news content they want to see. 72Point’s report, ‘Generation Editor‘, in which 7,500 media consumers were studied found news is being consumed in a more personal way.

Today, an average of 5.9 media stories are being consumed per person with almost 1 in 10 consuming more than 16 media stories per day. Despite more than three-quarters (76%) of respondents consuming media digitally, almost half (48%) take a multi-channel approach to media, merging digital, print and broadcast channels into their own preferred mix.

Furthermore, 7 in 10 said that social media has made it easier to access news and brought them closer to the media. Almost a quarter have friends, or follow people, who they believe are authorities for news and 19% trust friends to source news. However, a quarter continue to rely on media professionals while 23% rely on a mixture of friends and journalists.

“This is a shift we have termed Citizen Editorship, a movement predicated on choice and preference,” says Jack Peat, head of digital at 72Point. “Media consumers now demand the liberty of choosing which platform or channel they consume media on. A massive 95% of respondents said they consume media on multiple devices and almost half (48%) take a multi-channel approach to media. On social media, we only wait 22.3 days before unfollowing or unfriending a news source we no longer find useful.”



Kristina Knight is a freelance writer with more than 15 years of experience writing on varied topics. Kristina’s focus for the past 10 years has been the small business, online marketing, and banking sectors, however, she keeps things interesting by writing about her experiences as an adoptive mom, parenting, and education issues. Kristina’s work has appeared with, NBC News,, DisasterNewsNetwork, and many more publications.