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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 29, 2015

Brands: How to use programmatic TV buys to your advantage

Programmatic TV is a new form of selling ad space driven by the desire for new buyers to TV. According to one expert programmatic TV will see big increases over the coming months. Here's how it could affect brands.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What can programmatic TV learn from digital?

Shereta WIlliams, President, Videa: Programmatic TV has started in a very different place as a result of the lessons learned from early digital experiences, especially with respect to open marketplaces and RTB. Managing sales channel conflict and maintaining price controls are important to TV supply partners to ensure their premium inventory is not commoditized. Programmatic TV has also adopted audience targeting methodologies from digital, enhancing the value of television to advertisers while increasing prices and demand for broadcasters and networks.

Kristina: Who benefits from the increase in programmatic TV advertising?
Shereta: With the right solution, both buyers and sellers will benefit tremendously. Automation and audience targeting will make television more accessible and competitive with other forms of media, enabling new sources of demand and money for broadcasters and networks. Data-driven audience targeting will add value to inventory by giving buyers the confidence they are reaching the right viewers, while automation will create workflow efficiencies throughout the sales process that ultimately will drive more informed decisions for both advertisers and inventory holders.

Kristina: Do you think programmatic TV will catch up to the level of market penetration digital has achieved, and if so, when?

Shereta: I think we will see significant adoption in the next 12-18 months, but not at the levels digital has achieved. Changing long-term behaviors that have been ingrained in the traditional television landscape will take time. Videa is working to establish agreement on parameters for transacting programmatically, and we believe that as automation and audience-targeting capabilities are increasingly built into available solutions, and our industry continues to embrace its benefits, adoption of programmatic buying for TV will accelerate.

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